We sold our home in Indiana , and for the next six years traveled to festivals selling apparel with embroidered Christian designs that we created.

Our designs appeared to be a reflection of our life, and where we currently resided in our journey.

We knew in our hearts this was the place we were supposed set down our roots
and continue on the path of a simplified life.

Since that beautiful spring day those two years ago, we have set up a small studio to produce embroidered gift items and offer custom embroidery.

We thank you for any feedback regarding any of our designs, and are open to any of your ideas too.

Because for us this is not just business,
it is personal.

If you find yourself in our area please stop by for a visit.

Andy & Tara Normington

My wife and I choose the latter about eight years ago, and started working towards a simplified life.

Have you ever said to yourself, “I want out of this rat race, and I want to live a more simplified life”

We had reached a point in our life
where it was time to make a choice.
Either continue along with the status quo or
reach out for new horizons.

Two years ago God led us to the perfect place, where the mountain peaks touched the heavens.